Karl Sanderson Photography



Karl (his middle name, by the way) is a London based photographer with an interest in black and white, and urban landscape photography. He often exhibits a tendency for shooting straight into the sun and is quite partial to shadows. He also finds himself loitering around waiting for long-exposures to end. 

He did once have film SLR camera (a Minolta 500si Super, since you ask), although he much prefers digital photography. He used to use Canon DSLRs, but decided he liked Fujifilm mirrorless cameras instead, because why not? 

Some of his photos are available as prints and can be purchased here. If you see an image that you like (on this website, or social media), but which isn't available as a print, please click the  'Contact’ button below. Or, alternatively, click away if you just want to say ‘hi’ or have a question...