Karl Sanderson Photography



I am a self-taught photographer who lives and works in London, UK. I am old enough to have started taken photos when Agfa still made film, although I prefer digital. I was previously a Canon DSLR user, but have now switched over to mirrorless (Fujifilm) cameras.

Although taking pictures of things is not my DayJob™ I am passionate about photography. As I work near Tower Bridge, you'll probably notice a propensity for images featuring the latter, 'The Shard', and numerous other sights in that area. 

A significant proportion of work focusses on the urban environment, using different techniques, such as long-exposures, contre-jour, or simply looking up, to add a different perspective. Some of my photos are available as prints and can be purchased here.

If you see an image of mine that you like (on this website, or social media), which isn't available as a print please click 'contact me' below. If you have any questions or suggestions (or you just want to say 'Hi!) please also feel free to click away...